About Us

We are an apparel supply chain management (“SCM”) services provider based in Hong Kong delivering one-stop solution to customers in Europe, predominantly in Germany. We have developed a vertically integrated business model and our services range across market trend analysis, product design and development, sourcing of suppliers, production management, logistics services and quality control.

Through engaging us for apparel SCM services, our customers are able to focus their resources on their retail businesses and respond quickly to the fast-evolving changes of fashion industry, as they do not have to separately engage different suppliers for various types of services throughout the apparel supply chain.

We have fostered a strong long-term partnership with most of our key customers which consist of large department stores and boutique shops offering luxury fashion brands, as well as apparel sourcing agents.




1. Our vertically integrated business model has enabled us to successfully provide one-stop apparel SCM services.
2. We have maintained strong business relationships with customers in European apparel retail markets.
3. We have established a well-connected network of suppliers to manufacture apparel products in accordance with customers’ demands.
4. Our management team has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in provision of apparel SCM services.


The major events in our business development are set forth as below:

Date Major Development and Achievement
2010 Mr. Ko Sin Yun, Chairman of the Board, established Vision Garments
2013 Commenced product sales to large department stores and boutique shops offering fashion brands, as well as apparel sourcing agents in Germany
2017 Expanded the geographic coverage of our business into the French apparel retail market
Commenced to supply apparel products under international fashion brands and expanded into the Hong Kong apparel retail market